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M.U.B.S. Annual Dinner

M.U.B.S. held its annual dinner at Rotana Hotel – Hazmieh, under the auspices of the Minister of Education, Professor Hassan Diab, represented by Dr. Ahmad Jammal, and the presence of several prominent media and education figures.

During the dinner, M.U.B.S. honored 5 of its graduates in different majors; in Business Administration Dr. Wissam Khalil, Dr. Wassim Daher, Dr. Guitta Abu Khalil, In Education Mr. Ossama Ghneim, and in Graphic Design Miss Sali Subh.

On behalf of the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmad al Jammal congratulated the honored graduates on their achievements and encouraged them to move ahead on the path of progress and success in addition to congratulating MUBS on its accomplishments.

M.U.B.S. Chairman of the Board, Dr. Alami said in his speech that he was proud of what M.U.B.S. and its graduates are contributing and talked about the results of the efforts exerted by M.U.B.S. pointing out the importance of the partnerships arrived at with foreign universities to ensure development and secure progress.

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