M.U.B.S. 7th Graduation Ceremony

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M.U.B.S. 7th Graduation Ceremony

MUBS held its 7th graduation commencement under the patronage and in the presence of Mr. Riad Salameh, Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon on 6/09/2011 at the university’s main campus in Damour.

The ceremony commenced with the procession of the faculty and graduates followed by the Lebanese National Anthem, a warm welcome from the Mr. Jihad Al-Atrash and the students’ speech for this year which were given by the ; Anwar Abou Hamdan and Lina Abou Farraj.

Dr. H. Alameh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the university, gave a speech where he emphasized the distinguished role that MUBS has played in addressing the challenges of the present time and where the university focused its efforts towards the appreciation of the historic role that Lebanon has always held in the educational sector. In doing so, MUBS has succeeded in distancing itself from any cheap competition that may lower its academic status. On the other hand, the Chairman announced the launch of the first MBA program in Entrepreneurship in Lebanon as part of the European Tempus program. In this context, Dr. Alameh stated the International relationships that the university has, especially in terms of the joint degrees with the University of Amiens in France and the preparation for a joint program with the University of Wales reflect the commitment that that MUBS has towards the provision of high quality education. A commitment strengthened by MUBS membership in a number of prominent international organizations and a plan for a regional expansion starting with the opening of a branch of the university in Iraq.

Governor Salameh gave the Key note speech which addressed the challenges that graduates face in finding job opportunities due to the inadequate attention that the government gives to unemployment. Salameh emphasized the importance of establishing employment offices throughout the Lebanese Regions which will aid Lebanese youth in finding appropriate jobs. Moreover, Mr. Riad Salameh addressed the importance of funding research in the different technological domains. In this context, Mr. Salameh pointed to the initiatives that the Central Bank of Lebanon takes in providing funding for new projects with very encouraging conditions. On the other hand, Governor Salameh stressed on the role that foreign investments play in providing new job opportunities. Therefore, it becomes crucial for Lebanon to create the suitable environment to these investments. One of the important steps that the Central Bank of Lebanon has taken in this regard is encouraging environment-Friendly projects. On other hand, Mr. Salameh saw in the recent adoption of the Lebanese Parliament of the Law of Financial markets an important step in providing sufficient capital for the investment in organizations that maybe of importance for the Lebanese Economy.

The Ceremony concluded with Dr. H. Alameh presenting an honary shield to Mr. Riad Salameh after which they both distributed the degrees to the graduates.

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