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Higher Education International Conference

HEIC, the Higher Education International Conference, is the premier higher education conference in the Middle East and North Africa. The conference sessions present original research work and innovative techniques that tackle practical problems in higher education.(www.heic.info)

For the third year in a row, Modern University for Business and Science is organizing HEIC 2011 in Beirut from October 31st till November 2nd, 2011 under the Auspices of His Excellency Lebanese Minister of Education & Higher Education Professor Hassan Diab.

HEIC 2011 serves as a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators from around the world to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, and concerns in higher education.

The conference has a history of attracting participation from reputed researchers and universities from all over the world.

HEIC 2011

Higher education has been affected by a number of changes in the past decade, including higher rates of participation, internationalization, quality assurance and increased global competition.

The growing web of stakeholders and the expansion and massification of higher education have resulted in the perceived necessity to diversify the sector and to sharpen institutional profiles, priorities and strategies, with a view that higher education institutions should be able to respond better to a variety of needs and requirements.

The main goal of HEIC 2011 is to create a world-class gathering of researchers from academia, nationally and internationally recognized higher education experts, business leaders, and higher education stakeholders (Ministries of higher education, accreditation agencies, students, employers…) representatives to discuss new issues in higher education to allow for a lively exchange of ideas. This will offer valuable perspectives and possible new directions for higher education leaders, faculty members, students and others concerned with the future of higher education in an era of globalized competition.

More specifically, HEIC 2011 is concerned with the patterns of higher education development evident in the 21st century throughout the world, analyzing some of the reasons of these trends and pointing to likely directions for universities in the coming decade. Issues such as quality assurance & accreditation, institutional effectiveness and research, stakeholders’ involvement in higher education, and the implications of the massive expansion of universities in most countries are of primary concern.

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