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M.U.B.S. pays tribute to student Khaled Ismail

M.U.B.S. paid homage to student khaled Ismail in an In Memoriam gathering at Aley campus, in the presence of a great delegation of Khaled's family, and the town of Sarahmoul headed by the sheikhs , Head of the Municipal Council in Ein El Saide Mr. George Ayyash, Kunhadi Road Safety Assocication representive Mrs. Lena Jubran, a crowd of M.U.B.S. administration and students and Khaled's friends.

Several speeches on the occasion highlight Khaled's character and focused on the problems of mountain roads, lacking traffic safety measures, which caused Khaled's loss.

The speeches started with a eulogy from student Nader Chaaban on behalf of M.U.B.S. students and Khaled's friends. Mr. Fadi Fayyad, M.U.B.S. coordinator of Sporting Activities, recited a poem on the occasion. Dr. Rola El Shami, Director of Aley Campus, had a word before Mrs. Lena Jubran, representative of Kunhadi Association, took the podium to address the new generation and emphasize several pointers on traffic safety. Khaled's family delegate, Mr. Jihad Ismail, thanked M.U.B.S. for paying tribute to Khaled, then a speech from Head of the Municipality of Ein El Saide, calling for officials to support the municipalities in developing the roads, and as a closure, M.U.B.S. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Hatem Alami, looked into traffic accidents asking God to inspire Khaled’s family all patience and solace.

As a commemorative to Khaled, a cedar tree was planted in the place of the accident on Bmakeen-Ein El Saide road. All prayed for Khaled and recited Surat Al-Fatiha for him.

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