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M.U.B.S. Organizes a Workshop on the Methodology of Training in Social Work

The Faculty of Education & Social Work at the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS), and under the patronage of his Excellency the Minister of the Displaced Mr. Alaa-Eddine Troue, organized a two-day workshop on the methodology of training in social work in its main campus in Damour. Arab delegates from Al Quds Open University in Palestine, Al-Ahliyaa Amman University and several universities from Kuwait as well as delegates from the Lebanese University, St. Joseph University and Al Jinan University participated in the workshop.

A large number of figures from several Lebanese municipalities and social institutions attended the opening ceremony which was launched by Mr. Adnan Hussein, representing the Minister of the Displaced. Mr. Hussein heightened the importance of the workshop and its effective contribution to training and guiding potential students to become pioneers in the field of social studies and in providing them with the professional and scientific experience and awareness needed to reach their set goals.

Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS, after saluting the participants stressed on the continuous commitment of MUBS to community service, which is an indicator of the healthy relationship between the university and the community. Such commitment is essential to understand society's needs and to deal with the current challenges of progress and development of the educational sector and scientific research.

The workshop which brought together high level professionals was concluded with recommendations to be acted upon in the curricula of universities and to be circulated to specialized institutions.

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