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M.U.B.S. Outdoors 2012

Reflecting its vibrant image, M.U.B.S. organized its Outdoors Activity 2012 at Aley campus under the auspices of the Ministry of Education Secretary General Dr. Fadi Yaraq, with the participation of more than 22 high schools and around 800 students.

The day started with the Second Annual Spring Race which was won by Student May Farraj from Maroun Abboud Public Highschool for the girls' category, and Student Hatem Mahmoud of Ain Zhelta Public high school for the boys' category. Maroun Abboud Highschool was First amongst the schools with 38 points, Hussein Massoud highschool – Bshamoun second with 36 points, and Ain Zhelta Highschool third with 10 points.

Student Nizar bou Ghannam of Cedars Cultural School won the Painting competition and Student Razan BouZeinEddine of Universal College of Aley won the English Language Essay Writing Competition.

After the competitions, the students listened intently to Dr. Alamy, Chairman of BOT, who urged them to persevere in academic achievements and to always be updated on the latest developments around them to pioneer their future and widen their intellectual and potential horizons. Dr. Alamy announced the new M.U.B.S. campus which will be finished within two years to keep accommodating the latest advancements of Education methodologies to maintain a competitive edge in Lebanon for the good of its citizens.

The Outdoors Activity was with the collaboration of the famous stars Raja Bou NasserEddine and Rudolf Hilal of Sorry Bas program. The audience enjoyed what Kteer Salbe team had to offer on stage, listening afterwards to the most enjoyable singing of Saad Ramadan and ending the festival with the special appearance of Sabine.

The Day ended with Dr. Alamy, Chairman of BOT at M.U.B.S., and Mrs. Sahera Mutaweh, VP of Administrative Affairs, presenting shields of appreciation to Kteer Salbe team, Saad Ramadan and Sabine, thanking in particular both stars Raja Bou NasserEddine and Rudolf Hilal for their continuous effort in the annual festivals of the university.

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