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Distinguished Students at the Social Work Program

The Social Work Program at M.U.B.S. seeks students who have demonstrated potential for academic work as well as commitment to the welfare of all residents, especially the underserved population. The program is designed to prepare professionals in social work leadership who have the capacity to assume responsibility for changing and improving social policies and the ability to identify and analyze community problems and develop solutions and address human needs.

Ms. Maya Yamout is one of the distinguished students in the field. Quoting her work below:

My name is Maya Yamout, I hold a Bachelors degree in social work from Modern University for Business & Science (M.U.B.S).

One of the projects that we worked on, within the course "Human Behavior in the Social Environment", was "Politics and the Community" where I had the part of interviewing several politicians from various political parties in Lebanon.

The primary objectives of the project were to detect if Lebanese politicians supported social sanctions and for community service as a punishment for minor crimes.

M.U.B.S. arranged my appointments with five politicians. All five were very supportive of these new methods of correctional policies.

When the project was completed, our instructor, Dean of the faculty of education and social work at MUBS, Dr. Houda Sleem, encouraged me to present this project to the Lebanese parliament as a draft law.

Thus, this social sanction draft Law is now at the Committee of Justice to be seriously studied.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Hatem Alameh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUBS for allowing me to have this unique opportunity. I would also like to thank all those instructors at MUBS who stood beside me, supported me, and guided me in my academic endeavors.

Finally, to all the politicians for their support, the lawyer Lara Saade for her valuable advice, Mr. Antoine El-Hajj, Mr. Hisham Nahhas … THANK YOU.
Maya Yamout

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