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As a member of the UN Academic Impact and since its foundation in the year 2000 as an institution for higher education, M.U.B.S. is committed to support the fundamental precepts of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. Through its partnership with various universities and educational centers throughout the world, M.U.B.S. is devoted to the process of capacity's building and promoting sustainability through education.

Furthermore, one of M.U.B.S. initiatives in this field was establishing the Community Services Center. Thanks to this center, the university students’ personal commitment towards their communities and social justice is deepened by engaging them in activities which create community partnerships that are effective and of mutual benefit for both students and their communities.

M.U.B.S. is contributing in the reconciliation in the Shouf area and the return of displaced Christians to that Lebanese region in order to accomplish the national unity and to establish the best relations within the neighborhood of Damour. M.U.B.S. staff and students work as one team and one family reflecting the Lebanese diverse religious affiliations. This culture of tolerance and freedom of belief echoes M.U.B.S’s commitment to giving equal opportunities for all people regardless of their gender, race, religion or ethnicity.

One of M.U.B.S. goals is to provide quality higher education and support seekers of knowledge and education with the skills and knowledge to compete effectively in the jobs market. M.U.B.S. would reach this goal be providing a better quality of education at reasonable registration and education fees. Education is the right for everybody. Also, this goal reveals the intention of M.U.B.S. to alleviate poverty and to help people with limited financial capabilities.

M.U.B.S. will continue to perform likewise on all frontiers, from capacity building and community, NGO assistance, to empowering tolerance and inter-cultural dialogue, all the way till addressing issues of poverty and conflict resolution.

As an active partner in UN Academic Impact, M.U.B.S. hopes that in the coming millennium it contributes significantly on the national level to achieve these goals.

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