Memorandum of Understadning Between M.U.B.S. & W.M.U (USA)

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M.U.B.S signs a Memorandum of Understadning (M.O.U.) with Western Michigan University (U.S.A.)

Western Michigan University (Kalamazo, Michigan, United States of America)and the Modern University for Buisness & Science(Beirut, Lebanon) have recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement for Academic Cooperation.

The purpose of this agreement is to enhance the capacity of both institutions to fulfill their academic missions and objectives through international education and international engagement.

WMU & M.U.B.S may undertake initiatives in areas related to: Faculty exchange, sharing of reasearch & published materials, joint projects in research & curriculum development, student exchange programs and mutual participation of faculty in conferences & congresses sponsored by each institution.

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