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MUBS sponsors the GREAT week organized by the British Embassy from June 12 to June 17 at ABC Ashrafieh and ABC Dbayeh. The campaign organized by the British Embassy to promote institutions that have strong ties with UK. MUBS is the only university in Lebanon participating in this week due to the validation obtained from Cardiff Met University. MUBS through the British Academy in Lebanon (BAL) will offer in the coming Fall Semester 2012 - 2013, British Accredited Degrees in the following fields:

The benefits of studying at BAL is as follow:

  1. Double Degree: Earn a Lebanese degree accredited by the Ministry of Education & Higher Education, in addition to a British degree accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  2. Modern Resource Center: Provides students with a 24/7 academic support & services using a wide range of online resources and databases such as EBSCO e-Library, Cardiff Met e-Library & the University Management System.
  3. Flexibility and Convenience: Flexible schedule hours with AM & PM classes and a creative curriculum meeting student expectations using fairly informative methods.
  4. Cost Saving: Live in Lebanon close to family and save tuition and living expenses while earning a British degree from a well known British University.
  5. Attractive Location: Convenient location since the Campus is based in the heart of Beirut close to all amenities (Downtown, Shops, Restaurants, and Hospitals).
  6. Improve your career chances: An internationally recognized degree will give you an advantage over other applicants on the job market.

For more information please visit our stand at ABC and for the chance to WIN a scholarship to study at BAL and many other gifts.

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