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Welcome to MUBS’ Continuing Education Center (CEC). We are glad you are considering our training and development courses and programs.

CEC is an integral part of the MUBS University’s Training and Continuing Education department which provides individuals and organizations with diverse set of training courses and programs tailored to their needs and requirements. The center is associated with MECAT, a pioneer in training and career development operating in Dubai and the USA.

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients creating tailored training and programs that fit their requirements. CEC offers wide range of courses; from skills development, to supervisory and managerial courses and executive programs to industry-recognized certifications, such as Microsoft. By benefiting from the expert skills of the university’s various faculty units and presenting educational choices compatible with an individual’s career and personal development, CEC  aims to help individuals and professionals succeed in the evolving conditions of the world and the workplace.

The CEC contributes to the development of the University’s academic fields through seminars, and activities to enable cooperation with the public service, the private sector and international institutions, with the aim of serving those sectors and, more broadly, the local community.

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