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Welcome to MUBS’ Continuing Education  Center (CEC). We are glad you are considering our training and development courses and programs. This website is intended to give you an overview of the training courses and programs we offer. If you need any additional information, please contact our training center or fill the contact US form at this site.

CEC is an integral part of the MUBS University’s Training and Continuing Education department which has been providing individual and organizations with diverse set of training courses and programs tailored to their needs and requirements. The center is associated with MECAT, Education, Training and Consulting Company, a pioneer in training and career development operating in Dubai and the USA.

Our aim is to build a long term relationships with our clients through listening and understanding of their needs and development of tailored training and programs that fit their requirements. CEC offers wide range of courses; from skills development, to supervisory and managerial courses and executive programs. The majority of our courses is non-technical and is designed with the aim of helping individuals and organizations reach and stay at the leading edge.

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