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The Corporate Relations Office (CRO), established in year 2011, manages strategic relations for the university to portray MUBS as a university founded on business and science. Our aim is to ensure that the university's core messages are conveyed in alignment with its mission and vision to build a coherent and strong university identity. The office plays an instrumental role in the execution and monitoring of the University functions. It facilitates transparent, timely and accurate two-way relation with stakeholders, engaging them through collaborative public participation meeting their information needs. MUBS aims to expand it’s outreach program to involve companies and industry professionals, on a corporate level to enhance our graduates’ profile.

Partnering with MUBS will present the following advantages to stakeholders:

Increased visibility on campus: Through your engagements with MUBS, recognition of your company will grow. We will discuss the optimal way to display your company name through MUBS communication channels.

Proven leadership & access to talent: By partnering on research projects—or perhaps offering your expertise as a guest speaker—you will be credited as a leader . Corporate Leaders also have access to career centers and professional development opportunities across campus.

Thought Leadership: With focused sponsorship, your company can help advance teaching and research goals at MUBS, while gaining access to research opportunities. We view an effective strategic partnership as one that focuses on areas of mutual benefit, where faculty and research at MUBS inform and advance your business, while your company provides insights from the corporate world.

Speaking Opportunities: MUBS encourages companies to work closely with faculty to identify speaking opportunities that put professionals in a position to share their unique perspectives with future members of the corporate world. These are all highly effective ways of increasing your visibility on campus.

Investment: If you choose to partner with MUBS on a strategic, multi-dimensional level, we will help you put together a comprehensive investment strategy including: - Naming opportunities for buildings, rooms and labs.Companies that want to make permanent and highly visible contributions to the University can consider naming opportunities for research laboratories, academic centers, or campus buildings -Donations of equipment, supplies, and software provide significant benefits to the University’s academic and service programs.

For more information please contact:
Sabina Llewellyn-Davies
Corporate Relations Office
Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS)
Spears Campus, Beirut
Tel: 01 371885 ext.131

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