Purpose of the Conference

This conference seeks to define and develop the necessary scientific, technical and moral qualifications to secure social and economical security, on the structural and sectoral levels, especially in the banking and financial fields. Furthermore, it aims to raise the competence of those working in those fields, in order to provide a better service for the customers and to ensure security and economical and social stability.

Who should attend?

The advanced program of this conference is specially designed for people involved in the following fields:

  • The economic & monetary field: Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Commercial Companies, Services Companies, Credit Cards Companies, Exchange Companies, Certified Accountants, Banks Unions, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Chambers and the Unions of these Chambers along with all the Unions of the companies mentioned.
  • The IT field: Private and Public Communication companies, IT companies.
  • The legal and security fields: Judges, Lawyers, Investigators, people involved in security and protection, Cadres in the Ministries of Justice, National Defense, Interior, Finance and Foreign Affairs, Law Enforcement Officials and their assistants in the army and all security institutions.
  • Others: hospitals, Polyclinics, Syndicates, Small and Medium Investment projects, professions related to Technology.

About the Organizers

  • Modern University for Business and Science: is a dynamic higher education institution dedicated to academic excellence and focused on innovative teaching and student-focused learning. Read more..
  • Distinguished Services for Safety and Training SARL: Research and Development consultant company focusing on Safety in many areas such as Social, Economical and Tourism. Read more..
  • ABOUSLEIMAN & CO: has been in the local market for many years now and through its business associates and connections within the Ministry of Finance, ABOUSLEIMAN & CO has the technical ability and knows how to offer competitive accounting, tax and auditing services especially with regards to potential future tax claims and objections. Read more..

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