About DSST

Distinguished Services for Safety and Training SARL:

DSST is a “New Generation” company that operates in the realm of public safety and private security. DSST was established in October 2008 by partners who have more than 35 years of experience in national, regional and international levels. We do business in the field of architectural engineering, construction, security and crime prevention, such as conventional and organized criminalities, as well as terrorist crimes.

DSST’s activities include the promotion of the public security conditions. Whatever the situation, either by the newly developed techniques or the hiring and the preparation of professional human resources, we are completely equipped. The main goals of our company are fulfilled through building bridges between the public and private sectors, to immunize the society and to promote its safety and stability.

Our Services:

On site Auditing and Assessment
  • Execute a survey evaluating all security sources
  • Consultancy
  • Implementation
  • Auditing and upgrading the systems
Consultancy and Technical Support
  • Provide Technical Specification and Bill of Quantities in the automation field
  • Specialized Technical Assistance and Execution
  • Procurement of Specialized Equipments
  • Maintenance
Project Management Assistance
  • Assist the Company in creating a Security Department from A to Z:
  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Training
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Establish a Control Room
  • Suggest and Implement Regulations and Procedures
Procedures and Work Flow Implementation
  • Relation between Management board and Security department
  • Security Members' job description and interactions
  • Internal oral and written reporting system
  • Access Control procedure
  • Key Box procedure
  • Control room access and diffusion
  • Guard Patrol
  • Observations and interventions procedures
  • Crisis procedures
Regulatory Support
  • Conditions of coordination the Private Security Department and the National Security Forces
  • Protection of intellectual properties, trademarks and references
  • Security Legal Regulations and Policies
Technical expertise
  • IT systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Control Room
  • Parking Management
  • National and International Legal Support
  • Armored Equipment and Transfer
Professional Training Sessions
  • Public and Private High Level Management Training in Security and Safety Measures during Emergency Crisis
  • Crisis Management
  • Team Leader
  • Security Coordinator
  • Security Guard
  • Safety and Security Analysis Consultancy
  • Technical Assistance in all Monetary Organized Crimes (E-fraud, Cybercrime, Money laundry)

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