First Day: Monday 25 June 2012







Opening Ceremony

9:30- 9:45

Coffee Break


First Session

The legal and psychosocial aspect: the law in facing emerging challenges


The Minister of Justice

Legislative tools to guarantee security in light of emerging changes

His Honor Judge Samer Diab Younes

Judicial organizational structure and necessary modernization requirements to combat E-fraud

His Honor Judge Ali Ibrahim

Obligations and limits of the punitive philosophy to combat E-fraud

His Honor Judge Hatem Madi

The psychosocial approach to E-fraud

Genreal Fadel Daher


Coffee Break


Second Session

The economic and monetary aspect: the running organizational structures, rules and standards.


BDL Governance

Latest technical and organizational developments for combating E-fraud

Eng. Ali Nahle, Executive Director, Head of IT Department at BDL.

Example cases on E-fraud, coping mechanisms and results

Expert from VISA company

Organizational structures: between the reality and the objectives; from the economic and monetary perspectives

Mrs. Zeina Aoun – Head of Protection & Security interest in BDL IT Departement


Lunch Break


Third Session

The security procedures aspect: measures against e-fraud in security and law enforcement fields.

General directorate of internal security forces.

Organizational structures: between the reality and the objectives; from the security procedures perspective

Head of Planning and Organizing Division

Latest technical developments & their application in criminal investigation

IT crimes and Intellectual Property Protection Office

Examples of successes and failures of cooperation in security procedures

Chief of Interpol division

Second Day: Tuesday 26 June 2012


Forth Session

International, regional and national cooperation programs to enable and build capacities to combat E-fraud.

(His Excellency the Minister of Foreign affairs Dr. Adnan Mansour)

International cooperation tools and the means to strengthen them

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Expert

The role of Academic researches and specialized studies in strengthening the tools and the measures against E-fraud

Professor from MUBS

Latest developments of the international standards enhancing the international and Arabic cooperation in the combating fields.

Mr. Chadi Ghaith – Head IT Auditor - Bank of Beirut




Fifth Session


M. Dori Sakr

The Evolution of E-Crime

Mr. Lucas Allen Managing Director – Liquid Nexxus Limited – UK.




Sixth Session


Moderator: President of order of Lawyers in Beirut Mr. Nohad Jaber


Seventh Session

Closing ceremony & certifications distribution

Under the auspices of the President of order of Lawyers in Beirut Mr. Nohad Jaber

"Third Day: Wednesday 27 June 2012


  • All Lectures are presented in the big hall of the order of Lawyers in Beirut
  • Attendance to all sessions is mandatory and required in order to get the certificate of achievement.

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