Dr. Kamel Mohanna founded the NGO Amel Association in collaboration with a group of doctors, teachers, journalists and intellectuals in 1978. During the war, Amel Association played a significant role providing relief and emergency response. Since then, the NGO has established a considerable network of dispensaries, clinics, medical centers, and a dedicated team of more than 800 volunteers and aid workers.During his career, Dr. Kamel Mohanna continued to practice pediatrics while teaching as a Professor at the University. As the General Coordinator of the Lebanese NGOs Network he gave rise to a nation-wide campaign entitled “Khallas”, a civil society initiative urging politicians to end the current deadlock in Lebanon. Among a long series of titles, he received the Order of Honor on behalf of the President Jacques Chirac in 1998 for his long commitment to caring for the injured abroad and the Civil Peace and Human Rights Prize (Joseph and Laure Moghaizel Foundation) in collaboration with the UNDP Programme in 2006.