Ghassan Aridi obtained a Masters of Tourism and Protocol from Spain in 1981, one if his first integral roles out of school was working in the promotion of Marbella, Spain, and was most recently presented with an Honorary Doctorate from American University of Technology in Lebanon in 2015. As a travel and hospitality industry professional and pioneer, Mr. Ghassan Aridi wears many different hats.  He is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Tours, Dubai; Founder and Chairman of Grand Aurum Marketing FZ LLC, Dubai [trading as GAA Marta Consulting], Vice Chairman of Swiss Belhotel Hotel Management Company and Founder and Executive Chairman of PHR FZ LLC, Dubai, and PHAR Inc., California, USA operating as Paramount Hotels and Resorts. In 2012, Ghassan Aridi as Founder and Executive Chairman established and registered PHR FZ LLC in Dubai, operating under the name Paramount Hotels & Resorts, a luxury lifestyle hospitality management company. Mr. Aridi’s wealth of experience and knowledge has time and again proven to be a valuable asset to the continued development of travel and tourism, for governments and investment growth alike. Mr. Aridi is also recognized as a leading travel and tourism correspondent and has contributed to many international media publications and programs.