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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, I am pleased to welcome you to MUBS through our website. Whether you are a prospective student, parent, current student, alumna/alumnus, or friend, you will find that MUBS is a vibrant, exciting, and engaging academic community committed to educational excellence.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the ever-increasing competitiveness of the student body we attract and the exceptional faculty members we engage to instruct them.

Our faculty members bring to the classroom a wealth of knowledge and the dedication and enthusiasm to effectively share that expertise with their students. Our students enjoy small classes, allowing very high quality interaction among students and between students and faculty. MUBS students participate in a wide array of extra-curricular activities and clubs, from basketball, volleyball, football, and skiing, through marketing, economics clubs, and numerous musical groups.

MUBS has grown and changed to become now a more mature institution with higher quality academic and support programs, solid enrollment growth, and outstanding international academic relations. MUBS international relations office was very active in the last two years organizing and monitoring international projects and cooperation agreements.

We welcome you to join thousands of successful graduates who have learned under the guidance of caring, dedicated and knowledge faculty and staff. We have made an investment in our university to provide you with the best opportunities.

We invite you to make an investment in your future by studying at MUBS.

Dr. Hatem Alamy
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, MUBS

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