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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
Staffordshire University (UK)


Equivalent to the PhD, the DBA is the highest qualification achievable in Higher Education. It is a natural choice for practicing managers and senior professional practitioners who wish to pursue their academic, personal and career development beyond Masters Level through a rigorous and challenging programme of study and research. The DBA is aimed at those who want to make a difference to the way that management and professional practice in the fields of organisation and management will be developed in the future.

Programme Information:

Eligibility: Senior managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs with significant work experience

Location: Staffordshire University, UK.

Application Information: Applications now being accepted (deadline April 30, 2015) for the cohort beginning September 2015

Duration: 4 years. Students expected to visit the UK 3 times/year during the first two years and one visit each Year 3 & 4.

Tuition Fees: US$7500/year



Dr. Bassem Kaissi :

To apply:

download the application from the following link:

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