1. Business Administration
    This fast-track certificate in Business Administration introduces you to the fundamentals needed to succeed in Business Management, including accounting, financial management, marketing concepts and essentials of economics. Our program provides you the opportunity to step back from your current situation and concentrate on understanding and improving performance, managing projects and change.

  2. Human Resource Management
    The certificate uses current and classic theory and research to develop a critical understanding about HRM. The focus is on strategic and individual level
    improvements, through assessment of the role of HRM in modern organizations, the issues involved in developing employment relations, and selecting, motivating, and developing staff.

  3. Project Management
    The program in Project Management provides a well-respected curriculum for professionals currently working as project managers or aspiring to take on project management responsibilities. In this interactive program, participants learn multiple aspects of effective project management so you can plan and control projects and work effectively with project teams to go forward with confidence, improve performance, provide leadership, and deliver projects on time and on budget.

  4. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    The Advanced certificate in ICT can provide access to positions in fields requiring a broad knowledge of hardware, software and information
    systems. It represents a chance to gain a broad grounding in the core aspects of information and communication.

  5. Marketing
    The Certificate in Marketing will equip participants with the fundamentals of business management, with specific emphasis on salesmanship and marketing communication.

  6. Banking & Finance
    The program enables people with specialized skills to develop an understanding of a broader range of subjects involved in modern banking and financial issues. It provides candidates with a broad-based knowledge of banking law, financial accounting, banking services and products, investment analysis, treasury operations, bank marketing and management.

  7. Islamic Banking
    The certificate equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the concept and operation of this system. It is principally intended for graduates
    or individuals who have relevant work experience with the purpose of educating and training for a career in Islamic finance or for students who simply wish to have an understanding of the underlying concepts and implementation of Shari’ah-compliant financial transactions. The lessons are designed by Islamic Financial experts and scholars in the field of Islamic banking and finance.

  8. Accounting
    The program is especially designed for employees who need to perform accounting duties such as introducing and maintaining accounting systems, reporting on business performance, preparing financial statements, maintaining internal control systems and preparing management accounting reports. This certificate prepares participants for possition such as Bookkeepers, Auditing clerks and Cost accountants in an accounting division, auditing, and costing and finance division.

  9. Hospital Management
    The program first examines hospitals in their social and organizational context before studying the internal organization and relationships within hospitals.
    Advanced Planning issues and finance will be considered together with HRM issues specific to hospitals. In sum, participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills to apply scientific approach to management of people, materials, finance, and communication and for organizing work and managing resources.

  10. The Certified Marketing Executive, CME
    The certified marketing executive is ideal for professionals, who are employed as marketing managers, regional marketing managers, marketing officers or an individual or company owner responsible for marketing management and who has direct reports. Marketing educators and marketing consultants who specialize in marketing management may also apply.

  11. The Certificate in Customer Management
    The offered track is linked to the definition of Marketing, to identify, anticipate and satisfy current and future consumer and customer expectations, needs and problems by facilitating and consummating exchange to achieve targeted levels of profitability and / or value in an accountable and socially responsible manner. It provides Interesting courses for learners who are already involved in the field of Customer Management or who enter the field at a higher level.

  12. Microsoft Office Specialist
    The Microsoft Office Specialist program ensures computer program literacy, measures proficiency, and identifies opportunities for skills enhancement. Successful candidates receive an Office Specialist Certificate that sets them apart from their peers in the competitive job market. Certification is available in the programs listed below:
    Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® & Microsoft PowerPoint®

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