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In line with the University’s dedication to community engagement and social responsibility, the School of Health Sciences at MUBS organized two health days in Hasbayya and Rachayya in partnership with Hasbayya Municipality and the Union of Municipalities of Haramoun Mountain. The two events were in collaboration with Amalouna Foundation, Syndicate of Opticians and Optometrists and Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute at the AUBMC.

The health days commenced with free medical services including measurement of blood glucose, blood pressure, BMI, body composition analysis (water, fat, etc.) and visual acuity. Free medical eyeglasses were distributed to those with vision problems. These services were provided by our faculty members consisting of optometrists, public health specialists, and dietitians, with the help of our Public Health, Nutrition, and Optometry and Vision Science students. Awareness lectures were then delivered by Dr. Nael Alami, VP for Research and Innovation at MUBS, who stressed the importance of these health days and the important role that MUBS is playing in shaping the lives of the community. Dr. Hassan Zaraket, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at AUB, gave a brief overview of the contagious diseases especially those prevalent during the summer season. He highlighted the importance of hygiene in our lives to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Dr. Rihab Nasr, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute, AUBMC and Amalouna Founder, talked about cancer, its different types, its causes, and prevention methods. Preventive measures that should be taken during summer were highlighted by Dr. Zakia Dimassi. Dr. Mahmoud Hakim, Instructor at the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at MUBS stressed on the importance of vision care and the need for follow-up treatments. The lectures were concluded by a small presentation on the senior project prepared by Nutrition students Widyan al Shaar, Farah Zayour and Rana al Saify that highlighted the importance of following a healthy diet.

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