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In line with University’s dedication to community awareness, the University Center for Training and Development (UCTD) at the Modern University for Business and Science organized a seminar entitled “Cancer between Facts and Myths”. The seminar was held on Friday March 4th, 2016 at 12 noon in the UCTD-Jal el Dib.


Dr. Nisreen Alwan, Dean of School of Health Sciences opened the seminar by welcoming the attendees and guests, whose number exceeded 60. Dr. Hatem Alamy, Chairman of Board of Trustees, stressed on the important role UCTD is playing in terms of awareness and in forming a bridge between the University and Community. Dr. Alwan then gave a brief overview of the School of Health Sciences and the progress that has been made so far on the academic and social levels.


The first talk was given by Ms. Michele Hajal, the Dietitian at the Diet Clinic in UCTD who noted that following a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and having regular physical exercise can help many people avoid developing cancer.  Professor Elie Toeuini, an Oncologist in Abou Jaoude Hospital, presented the definition and scientific meaning of cancer, its different types, prevalence, and gave tips on how to avoid having it. Dr. Rihab Nasr, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at AUB and the founder of Amalouna Foundation, held a very interactive discussion on the myths and facts of cancer and highlighted the important role that Amalouna Foundation is carrying in terms of raising awareness. All attendees noted on the importance of holding such beneficial seminars.

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