"Effects of High Energy Visible Light" Seminar

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 As part of its “Science in the Community” Seminar Series, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) organized a seminar on the "Effects of High Energy Visible Light" presented by Mr. Sharbel Abi Ephrem, Optometrist and Business Development Manager at MENA HOYA Vision Care Europe. The seminar took place on Wednesday April 13th at the Damour Campus in the presence of more than 40 attendees.

 Mr. Abi Ephrem opened his talk by introducing the audience to high-energy visible light and blue light. He then discussed the harmful effects of being exposed to blue light such as the irregular function of our circadian rhythm (Biological Clock) and the consequences that might be encountered as a result. Mr. Abi Ephrem concluded his seminar by advising the attendees to be careful by limiting the daily use of mobile and computer devices.

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