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Having your vision, blood pressure, blood glucose, and body composition analysis tested for 5,000 L.L sounds like a dream! Well, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) at MUBS made that a reality by organizing two open-house health days in Aley campus (April 6) & Damour campus (April 14).

 MUBS, in alignment with its community service mission, is committed to community awareness and support whenever and whenever it can. The SHS team holds this mission dear to their hearts and translates it in all their extracurricular activities. Those two health day events welcomed people from Aley and its surrounding villages (Aley Health Day) and the Damour & Chouf area (Damour campus).

 The greatest part of those days was that SHS students took part in working live with patients by measuring their blood glucose levels, blood pressure, vision acuity, and body composition analysis. This experience is tremendously important for our students. Not only it will give them practical experience of what they learned in their courses, but it will also teach them patient-provider communication and nutrition education skills. Furthermore, our students will have a high self confidence in treating patients and informing the lay public later on in their life.

 The SHS team would like to thank Aley campus staff, the Health Club- Aley, SHS students, and the UCTD-Jal el Dib staff for all their help and support in making this event a success. 

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