"Mental Health Among the Lebanese Elderly" Seminar

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As part of its “Science in the Community” Seminar Series, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) welcomed Dr. Georges Karam, Adult and Geriatric Psychiatrist at IDRAAC and President of the Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon, to share important findings from a national study  that was performed  by IDRAAC in 2013 in Lebanon. The study targeted the prevalence, correlates, and treatment of mental disorders among the Lebanese elderly population. 

Dr. Karam introduced IDRAAC-Elderly Employment Project to our students from different disciplines; he described how this program helps elderly in adding meaning and action to retired Lebanese citizens. He also offered volunteering opportunities to our Public Health students, expressing the organization's interest in future collaborative research with MUBS faculty and students in the field of mental health in urban and rural areas of Lebanon.

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