MUBS Talks


On Wednesday May 10, 2017, the Modern University for Business and Science organized its first public speaking contest entitled: MUBS Talks!


Ten of our recognized students presented different topics in front of the judges. Hala Sarieddine, David Abdel Baki, Hiba Tabet, Laura Ajab, Myrna Yehya, Mirvat Abou Diab, Mazen Zahradinne, Nisreen Al Sahili, Rayan Joahari, and Yasmine Ghannam lived this special experience and showed their knowledge and skills.


The judges Alice Edde, Andre Abi Awad, Gavin Ford, and Cynthia Khalifeh were so impressed by the quality of the contestants and awarded incredible prizes such a celebrity photo shoot, talent workshops, invitation to the  Entreprenergy Arab Summit, Scuba diving Discovery, Designer bag, and much more.


 Although it was hard for the jury to choose a winner, but in the end the First Place went to Imad El Asmar who presented on “How to start your own business.” Imad will be interviewed by Gavin Ford on Radio One in June to talk about his experience at the Public Speaking Contest. Imad was also awarded a spot at the Entreprenergy Summit in October 2017 which connects Wantrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs to Leaders and Founders. All other participants were invited by Andre Abi Awad to represent MUBS at the Summit


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