MUBS Continues Its Health Awareness Campaign

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After the success of the MUBS Health Days, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) organized a Nutrition and an Optometry Awareness Campaign at Kfarhim Official Secondary School on Thursday May 11th, 2017.


The campaign was opened by the Acting Chair of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Ms. Laura Hjeij who shed light on a very booming topic regarding Nutrition and Fitness. Ms. Hjeij talked about the importance of physical activity and the role of exercise in body toning, muscle mass formation, and fat burning. She also tackled some Nutrition myths and how people believe them as a result of incorrect information about fat-burning food that have been published lately on social media.


Ms. Farah Hashem, an instructor at the Optometry and Vision Science Department, talked about how technology development is nowadays affecting our vision causing the Computer Vision Syndrome. Ms. Hashem illustrated how this syndrome is affecting age groups differently and gave advice on how to protect our vision.


Our Nutrition and Dietetic graduate, Ms. Farah Zayour, closed the campaign by talking about the different fat diets and how changing our lifestyle helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

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