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Under the patronage of HE the Minister of Telecommunications Mr. Jamal Jarrah, MUBS organized the First Cybersecurity Symposium. The symposium gathered more than 120 experts from industry, academia, and government to share and discuss the latest research and findings related to cybersecurity, information assurance, and risk management.

H.E. Minister of Telecommunications, Mr. Jamal Al Jarrah, in his speech at the Cybersecurity Symposium at Modern University for Business and Science, expressed how aware the Ministry is that the world is on a change express train and Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial topics to be considered for risk mitigation. H.E. Mr. Jarrah also announced a strategic developmental plan for Student Internet access soon to be implemented.

H.E. Mr. Jarrah noted the initiative of MUBS in this domain, making use of its great potential parallel with that of its students.

In the opening statement, General Chair of the Symposium, Dr. Bassem Kaissi explained the seriousness of the topic, and the role of the universities in awareness and finding solutions and alternatives. Dr. Kaissi mentioned that cybersecurity is a collective responsibility where all stakeholders need to work together to address cybercrime and cybersecurity issues across Lebanon in a more effective manner.

Chairman of the Board of MUBS, Dr. Hatem Alami, in his speech, explained the impact of Cybersecurity, or the lack of it, on the Business industry, and the significance of cooperation between the government and the private sector, highlighting the role of Higher Education in pinpointing current and future issues under the influence of higher education social responsibility and expertise in research.

Dr. Soubhi Abou Chahine, representative of Director General of Higher Education, Dr. Ahmad Jammal, illuminated on the role of Higher Education in setting the foundations to dealing with similar concerns, emphasizing the interest of the General Directorate to support all initiatives that address contemporary issues. Dr. Abou Chahine also related to the efforts of the Ministry to deal with relevant files and the importance of developing information systems of best quality and administrative efficiency.

For the first session, participating university representatives took their turns in presenting their perspective; Dr. Imad ElHajj from American University of Beirut, Dr. Wassim Itani from Beirut Arab University and Dr. Ahmad Bazzi from Modern University for Business and Science, Dr. Mohamad Al Ladan from Rafic Hariri University and finally Ms. Nisrin Al Khatib from ISACA association.

Head of the Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau, Major Suzan Hajj took the podium addressing the challenges facing Lebanon and the need of Internet use awareness and risk mitigation to all users especially to younger ones, referring to real-life examples, and highlighting the role of the Bureau in cooperating with the Central Bank of Lebanon and other banks to aid Lebanese citizens who have been impacted by Cyber theft or fraud.

The Symposium’s second session hosted Mr. Nizar Nassif from Special Investigation Commission at the Central Bank of Lebanon and Mr. Hisham Musilmany of Touch Telecom Company, Mr. Charbel Yammine of BBAC, and Mr. Khaled Dankar of Fransabank.

The Third session hosted Mr. Tarek Bohsali of Microsoft, Mr. Shadi AlKhatib from HPE , Mr. Ali ZeinEddine from Saugo 360 and Mr. Elie Zeidan from Potech Consulting.

Publication of the papers and the relevant discussions after each session is under process to achieve the greatest benefit and to create a foundation for more research and dialogue on the topic.

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