MUBS Students at the “Dyslexic Children and Reading” Seminar

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The Association des Licencies en Optique Optometrie au Liban (A.L.O.O.) held its 5th Annual Seminar, entitled “Dyslexic Children and Reading” on the 30th of April 2017. The seminar hosted two French experts in the field of Optometry, Mrs. Genvieve Prevost and Mrs. Francoise Zamfirescu, who shared their knwoledge and research with the audience. Mr. Ahmed Sherry, Acting Chair of Optometry and Vision Sciences at MUBS, attended the seminar, along with a group of Optometry students. MUBS students participated in a poster competition and submitted four posters on the topic of “Blue Light”. The seminar was a valuable opportunity for our students to interact with their peers and leaders in their field of study, garnering positive feedback for their professionalism and educational background.

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