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Academics, students, and professionals attended the first optometry workshop entitled “Optometry: an Inspired Career Choice” organized by the School of Health Sciences. The workshop was held on April 21st, 2016 at the University Center for Training and Development, MUBS, Jal el Dib.

A panel of guest speakers presented an array of topics related to the field of Optometry. Professor Ahmad Jammal, represented by Mr. Abd El Mawla Chehabeddine opened the first session by shedding light on the importance of having a B.Sc. degree in Optometry in Lebanon. The role of the Ministry of Public Health in setting legislations was highlighted by Mr. Antoine Romanos, Head of Department, and Medical Professions at the Ministry of Public Health. Then, the President of the Lebanese Syndicate of Opticians and Optometrists Mr. George Hawat, gave an overview of Optometry and what the Syndicate has done so far for developing this field. Dr. Liana al-Labadi, Head of Optometry Division and Program Director at an-Najah National University, Palestine, shared her experience by pinpointing to the attendees the difference between opticians, optometrists, optometry doctors, and optometrists with a PhD degree. She then presented a comparison between the curricula given at different universities in the Arab World.

A special session was arranged to introduce the audience to the Eastern Mediterranean Council of Optometry (EMCO) presented by the President of EMCO, Mr. Hassan Awada. Dr. Mahmoud Hakim, who discussed the career opportunities in the Optometry field, presented the final session.

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