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On the 9th of April, the University Center for Training & Development (UCTD) at MUBS, Jal el Dib held a Sports & Nutrition training session with more than 60 participants.

 The training focused on the following topics:

  • Definition and benefits of physical activity and post workout meals, meals before and during a competition: presented by Ms. Carole Kamel, CEO of Advanced Sports Center.
  • Physiology: Anaerobic (Type II fibers) and Aerobic (Type I fibers) and Doping vs. Supplements: presented by Dr Ziad Harb, University Professor, Researcher, Member of the Lebanese & French Society of Sports Medicine, and CEO of NUMED.
  • Types of exercise and sports supplements: presented by Mr. Robert Maalouf, Owner/Personal Trainer at Le Gym

The training concluded with the distribution of certificates to all participants.

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