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  • Academic Integrity
  • MUBS is committed to excellence in Education. All members of the university have a responsibility to ensure the highest standards of integrity in scholarly research are understood and practiced.
  • The university takes a serious stance towards all forms of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism; submission of work for which credit has already been received; cheating; impersonating another student; falsification or fabrication of data; acquisition of confidential materials, e.g. examination papers; misrepresentation of facts; altering transcripts or other official documents.
  • Plagiarism:
  • Plagiarism is a kind of academic dishonesty in which an individual uses the work of another without appropriate acknowledgement. Plagiarism includes but is not limited to the following practices:
    • Using another's work without acknowledgement.
    • Copying material without quotation marks.
    • Paraphrasing too closely the exact words of the originating author.
    • Submitting as one's own work written in whole or in part by another individual.
  • The following practices related to plagiarism are also prohibited:
    • Helping another student plagiarize.
    • Submitting in whole or in part work for which the student has received credit in another course, unless the permission of the instructor has been obtained.
    • Submitting any statement of fact known to be false or providing a fabricated reference to a source.
  • Procedure in alleged cases of academic dishonesty:
  • The instructor will meet with the student and reach a decision concerning the matter. In the event that a sanction beyond a warning is required, the Dean of Student Affairs will be informed.
  • In a repeated or particularly serious case, or if the student disputes the decision of the instructor, the Dean of Student Affairs will be informed. If necessary, the Dean will meet with the student and the instructor. The Dean will make the final decision in the case, including the assignment of a penalty, if any. If the decision found the student guilty of academic dishonesty, the Dean will inform the student in writing, and send a copy of the letter to the instructor and to the registrar. The student may appeal the decision to the Student Academic Appeals Committee.
  • The normal penalty for a first offence is a zero grade in the component of the course in which the dishonesty occurred. However, in a case of particular seriousness, or in the case of a repeated offence, penalties may include a zero grade in the course, suspension of one semester or longer, or expulsion from the university.
  • A student who is dismissed from the University for a certain time for academic disciplinary reasons may in the last semester before graduation petition the Student Academic Appeals Committee in writing to have the notation "Suspended for Academic Disciplinary Reasons" removed from his or her transcript. The decision to remove would be based primarily on the academic performance of the student upon his or her return to the University; it would not be decided automatically.

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