Attendance is required in all courses. Instructors will take attendance at every session. Absent student will be recorded in the UMS Attendance module. Excessive absences will have an impact on the student final grades and may lead to suspension from the university.

If the absence is due to illness, accident, or similar circumstances and requires absence for three or more consecutive days, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of the Registrar and contact the instructor to make up assignments and /or tests.

Student who misses more than 30 % of the total number of sessions in a course will be AUTOMATICALLY DROPPED from the course.

Missing Midterm or Final exams result in a zero grade, except in extreme & exceptional cases. Student who misses either the Midterm or Final exam, must file a petition with the student affairs office within a maximum of one week from the date of the exam.

A permanent record of each student's attendance for the entire enrollment period will be maintained. Students may check their attendance record at the student UMS webpage.


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