Student Conduct

All MUBS University students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner appropriate to an academic environment, and are subject to the disciplinary authority of the MUBS Committee on Student Conduct which is empowered to examine and judge matters of student conduct, excluding academic issues. This committee is an advisory body only, which makes recommendations to the President. In all cases, the decision for the disciplinary action will be taken by the President in consultation with the committee.

  1. General Rules of Conduct:

1.1.   No student shall, by action, threat, or otherwise, obstruct University activities. Such activities include but are not limited to teaching, research, studying, and administration.

1.2.   Disruption which occurs during the teaching of a course shall be treated as an academic offense and shall be referred to the appropriate administrative body.

1.3.   No student shall, contrary to express instructions or with intent to damage, destroy or steal property, enter or remain in any building, facility, room or office.

1.4.   No student shall take, destroy or otherwise damage property of others, nor shall any student take destroy or otherwise damage the property of MUBS University.

1.5.   No student, in any manner whatsoever, shall deface the inside or outside of any building.

1.6.   No student shall assault another person, threaten any other person with bodily harm or damage a person's property, cause any other person to fear bodily harm or fear damage to his or her property.

1.7.   No student shall create a condition which unnecessarily endangers or threatens the health, safety or well-being of other persons or threatens the damage or destruction of property.

1.8.   No student shall possess property stolen from another individual or institution.

1.9.   No student shall use any University facility, equipment or service contrary to express instructions.

1.10.                    No student shall remove books or other library material from the University Library without proper authorization, mutilate or deface library books or material, purposely misplace them or in any other way deprive other members of the University community of the opportunity to have access to library resources.

1.11.                    No student, without proper authorization, shall use or interface with any University computer, access information contained therein or tamper in any way with any computer application. This includes but is not limited to gaining unauthorized entry into University computer centers, programs, databases or unauthorized access to the Internet.


  1. Sanctions

The Sanctions Committee is empowered to recommend exoneration of the student or to recommend the appropriate sanction, which, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, can include one or more of the following courses of action:

  • Reprimand the student.
  • Require the student to make restitution for any damage or actions that he / she caused or otherwise rectify any situation which he / she created or helped to create.
  • Deny access to specific buildings or events.
  • Levy a fine of a fixed amount.
  • Place the student on disciplinary probation for a stated period of time.
  • Suspend the student from the University for a stated period of time.
  • Expel the student from the university.


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