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Internship and Placement Opportunities

Part of MUBS curriculum requires students to complete a period of internship. Internship is a work experience in an operating business where the student, under academic and employer supervision, participates in actual work functions. At the end of the placement period, students present their work in a form of a poster to the examiner board during an exhibition. All students, academic and employer supervisors are invited to attend the exhibition.

MUBS believes that an internship serves as a valuable bridge between learning and work experience. Students benefit from working with professionals in different fields. Even as undergraduates, they can begin the process of building, maintaining valuable networks, and understanding and identifying personal career choices and required skills.

MUBS University has the distinction of enjoying a strong connection with the business community. This relationship leads to internship and placement opportunities for MUBS students. Some of the prestigious companies and institutions where our students had the opportunity to spend their internship periods, or where our alumni hold or have held prominent positions include:


:: Banks
Al Ahli International Bank
- Al Mawared Bank
- Bank Audi
- Bank of Beirut & the Arab Countries
- Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce
- Central Bank
- Credit Libanais
- Federal Bank of Lebanon
- First National Bank


:: Companies
- AAW insurance
- Ain Wa Zein Hospital
- Aishti
- Al Moustakbal Newspaper
- Al Zahraa Hospital
- American Life Insurance Company
- Auxilia Mutual Fund
- Baker Tilly Zakka
- Beirut Governmental University Hospital
- Conserves Modernes Chtaura s.a.l.
- Coral & Speed oil company
- Geovision
- Graphic Press
- Kafra for Insurance & Reinsurance
- Lebanese Glass Establishment
- Middle East Airlines
- NCR Corporation
- OTIS Elevator
- Pain d'Or
- Pharmamed
- Virgin Mega Store


:: Education & Sports
- American University of Beirut
- Al Afak Institute for Information & Technology
- Aley Vocational College
- Al Irfan School
- Baakline Business & Technical Institute
- Broumana High School
- Club Mont la Salle
- Eben Khaldoun School
- Ecole Saint Joseph de L'apparition
- La Cine
- Le Lycée Social
- Le Lycée technique
- Les Creneaux Socio-Cultural & Sports Club
- Polyglot College


:: Computer & Technology
- COMPUDATA s.a.r.l
- Compuworld s.a.r.l.
- COMTEK s.a.r.l.
- Datanet s.a.r.l.
- NetAlive s.a.r.l.
- TELETRADE s.a.r.l.
- TELNET s.a.r.l


:: Tourism
- Jiyeh Marina Resort
- Aein Al Ghaba Bolonia Restaurant
- Barouk Palace Hotel
- Casino Smar Safa
- Divan Furnished Apartment
- Four Points Sheraton
- La Popotte Restaurant
- La Voile Bleue
- Mir Amin Hotel
- Movenpick Hotel
- Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel
- Pineland Resort
- Sheraton Coral Beach Hotel

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