Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who have responsibility for a sales function in a bank, regardless of whether they have sales people reporting directly to them and personnel who are qualified for this position.


This certificate covers:
Topics as relationship selling, building and retaining customer relationships, identifying and leveraging target markets, alternative delivery systems, event based selling, successful sales campaigns, and rewards and recognition all in the context of banking that every sales manager needs to acquire and enhance to excel at his/her position.

 Required Module:

  • Banking Today
  • Building and Retaining Customer Relationships
  • Alternative Delivery Systems: Trends and Issue
  • Event –Based Selling
  • Identifying and Leveraging Target Markets
  • Introduction to Relationship Selling
  • Meeting That Work
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Sales Coaching in the Bank
  • Successful Sales Campaigns

Duration: 93 Hours

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