Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

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The Bachelor degree in Business Administration offered by the International School of Business is designed to give students a focused, relevant and utilizable body of knowledge in business related topics. The program introduces students to major business concepts; such as accounting, business law, economics, management, and marketing and equips him with the knowledge about organization structure, objectives, and management models and functions.

The knowledge and skills offered by the program provide student with vital assets to enable future employability and career success.

Program Requirement: 94 Credits consist of:

21 cr. of general university requirements

12 cr. general education requirements,

09 cr. elective courses

73 cr. of Mandatory requirements

48 cr. core requirements

25 cr. major requirements

Career Opportunities

BBA graduates have broad range of job opportunities at the operation and administration levels of private and public organizations covering functions such as Business Analyst, Account Executive, Supervisory and Junior Managerial positions at financial, trading, service and manufacturing companies.

Major courses

Students pursuing a degree in Business Administration may select their required Major courses from all offered ISB’s Major courses.

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