Master in Social Work


The School of Social work provides a learning environment for individuals who wish to deepen and extend their knowledge and experience in bringing about social change. The University provides a place for the development of committed, analytical, and knowledgeable students who wish to undertake the difficult task of improving service delivery systems by attention to institutional structures.


The graduate program prepares students for advanced social work practice.

It provides students with the needed theoretical and practice expertise to function with maximum competence at different management levels in social work management and in the social work schools. The university provides opportunities for study and practice that utilize the wealth of interdisciplinary resources.

The curriculum provides for a generalist foundation year of courses and field education for all students. In the 2nd year students concentrate on one of the tow majors 1-management or 2-school social work to develop human relationships that are grounded in social justice, human dignity and mutual respect.


Program Objectives

The overall objectives of the MSW program at the MUBS UNIVERSITY are as follows:

  1. to prepare students for entry level into advanced social work practice;
  2. to help students understand oppression and its impact on people;
  3. to help students understand the extent to which multiple social, political, economic, psychological, and biological factors determine social policies and programs;
  4. to help students develop the knowledge and practice skills currently necessary to carry out  interceptive roles consistent with social work values, ethics, and principles, and the mission of the university;
  5. to help students develop and implement strategies that enhance social functioning, empowerment, and structural change, especially for individuals and groups systematically denied equity, dignity, opportunities for self-realization, and access to resources; and
  6. To enable students to have the commitment and capacity to evaluate their professional practice and agency, and to engage in efforts to continue professional self-growth.


Program Requirements


Our plan of study, which requires a minimum of 39 credit hours required for the MSW degree, comprises 21 credit hours of professional foundation courses18credit hours for the major of social work school, or 18 credits for the major of Management.

Students are required to register for a minimum of 12 credits per semester,* although the average load is 16 credit hours per semester. Students may not register for more than 16 credits per semester.

Time Limit

Students must complete all requirements for graduation in a period no longer than three years from the date of their registration in the University..

Grade Point Average

A cumulative grade point average of “B” (3.0) or better is required to remain in good standing.


Generalist Foundation

In the first year, the array of courses and field education provides the basic professional foundation of knowledge, values and skills for social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

The professional foundation in the second year includes content on social work management or school social work.


Full- time MSW Requirements


Fall Term: 

Course # and Title

SWK541Social Work Values and Ethics    (3cr) (MSW)

SWK5120 Populations at Risk (3cr)

SWK6130 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3cr)

SWK6140 Social Welfare Policy and Institutions (3cr)

SWK6160 HBSE: Theories of Human Development (3cr)

SWK6360 Social Work Practice Theory and Methods (3 cr)

SWK6370  Social Work Practice (3 cr)

Concentration 1:

Management in social work

SW500     Program Evaluation (3cr) (MBA)

SW5010   Organizational theories of social service agencies (3 cr)

SW5030   Social service management project I (3 cr)

SW5032   Macro social work practice: Strategic planning (3cr)

SW5012   Social service management project II (3cr)

SW5013   Budgeting & Financial planning in social service organizations (3cr)

SW6030   Field placement (3cr)

SW6032   Dissertation (3cr)

 Concentration 2:

School social work

SWK6500 Social Work Perspectives on Psychopathology (3 Cr)

SWK5610 Social Work Practice with the Exceptional Child (3 Cr)

SWK6420 School Social Work Policy and Practice (3 Cr)

SWK5740 Family Violence: Issues and Intervention (3 Cr)

SWK6030 Bereavement Counseling (3 Cr)

SWK6340 Families and Work: Life Course Processes (3 Cr)

Concentration 3:

Human Development

SWK6180 Lifespan Human Development (3) MSW

SWK6250 Elementary Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences (3)

SWK6300I Death and Dying (3)

SWK6307I Approaches to Childhood and Adolescence (3)

SWK6357I Approaches to Adulthood and Aging (3)

SWK6360 Cultural Foundations for Human Development (3)

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