Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer & Communication Systems

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Data communication and networking are key components of the field of computer science. The Bachelor of Science in Computer and Communications systems provides a concentration in the study of data communications and electronic networks. It concerns the planning, designing, testing, implementation, and evaluation of network and data communications systems. The program prepares students for rewarding careers in a field of very high demand of data communication and networks specialist.

Program Requirement: 94 Credits consist of:

21 cr. of general university requirements

12 cr. general education requirements,

09 cr. elective courses

73 cr. of Mandatory requirements

48 cr. core requirements

25 cr. major requirements

Career Opportunities

Graduates should expect a rewarding career as Network and Data Communication Analyst, Network Systems Engineer, Network Security Analyst, Network Support Engineer, Voice or Data Communications Analyst, Internet/intranet Administrator, Telecommunication Specialist and Support.

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