Art & Design Department

Welcome to the Art & Design Department  at the School of Computer and Applied Sciences

Our students benefit from extensive input from lecturers and professional specialists. Students have the opportunity to participate in inspirational collaborations, external events and exhibitions, as well as developing their specialist expertise within a chosen area of practice.We offer an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. The programs are offered at all MUBS campuses and provide a diverse curriculum of ideas-generation and real-life testing, with all courses operating clear pathways to becoming a flexible and aspirational creative professional. We look forward to welcoming you at MUBS.

 Rima Ammar

Chair of the Art & Design Department


Our mission is centered on preparing students to become successful innovators and designers, who improve the natural and social environment through focused education and innovative learning and teaching methods.

Staff in the Art and Design Department have a broad range of skills and expertise and their extensive experience, passion and commitment, supports and informs each of our courses.



The school’s values are represented by the following practices:

  1. Innovation, curiosity, collaboration, open exchange of ideas
  2. Diversity of students, faculty and administrators.
  3. Qualified and experienced faculty
  4. Environment that fosters learning, engagement, and integrity
  5. Programs that enable students and faculty innovation

Major offerings

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