Bachelor of art (BA) in Interior Design

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Our BA Interior Design is an exciting course that crosses the boundaries between art and design. Fusing creative flair and practical abilities, you will learn the skills required to begin employment in the interior design industry. You will become experienced in designing and making objects and surfaces for the interior spaces of private houses, public and corporate buildings, restaurants, shops and retail environments.

On graduation, you will have a portfolio, real-world experience, problem-solving and project management skills, as well as the technical expertise needed for a successful career within your chosen field of interior design.Program Requirements: 114 Credits

21 cr. General University Requirements

12 cr. General Education Requirements,

09 cr. Elective Courses

93 cr. Mandatory requirements

18 cr. Core courses

60 cr. Major courses

15 cr. Major Elective Courses

Career Opportunities

The course provides excellent preparation for a career in design for domestic interiors, exhibitions and museums, retail, film, and television, and interactive spaces. Graduates should expect a rewarding career as Interior and Spatial designer, exhibition designer, production designer, furniture designer, product designer, textile designer.

Core Courses (18cr)

Course code

Course name(as per UMS)


Drawing & Illustration 1 (3cr.)


Color Theories (3cr.)


Photography  (3cr.)


Fundamentals of Design 1 (3cr.)


Fundamentals of Design 2 (3cr.)

ART 204                                     

History of Art(3cr.)


Major Courses (60 credits)

Course code

Course name

DGI  206 

Descriptive Geometry(3Cr.)

INT 210 

Technical Drawing 1 for Interior Design 

INT 212 

Technical Drawing 2 for Interior Design

INT 213

Interior Design Studio 1(4cr.)

INT 216

Computer Application for Interior Design 1 (3cr.)

INT 218

Computer Application for Interior Design 2 (3cr.)

INT 220

Environmental Control Systems in Interior Design (3cr.)

INT 310

Materials and Specifications

INT 311

Lighting Strategies for Interior Design

INT 312

Interior Design Studio 2 (4cr.)

INT 314

Furniture Design & Technology (3cr.)

INT 316

Computer Application for Interior Design 3 (3cr.)

INT 317

History of Interior Design

INT 410

Interior Design Studio 3 (4cr.)

INT 411

Interior Design Studio 4 (4cr.)

INT 414

Professional Practice (3cr.)

INT 415

Internship in Interior Design (2cr.)

INT 420

Interior Design Final Project(6cr.)


Major Elective Courses (15cr.)

Course code

Course name

INE 340

Landscape Design (3cr.)


Critical Concepts for Visual Communication

INE 321

Building Construction (3cr.)

INE 225

Maquette (3cr.)


Fine arts

INE 417

Quantity Survey for Interior Design


Intro to computer graphics (3cr.)



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