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In order to be eligible to apply to an Erasmus + scholarship, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

For undergraduate students:

-          You need to be registered as a full-time student at MUBS in one of its offered majors.

-          You need to have completed a total of 30 credits (1 full academic year) at the time of application.

-          You should have no prior academic experience in Europe.

For graduate students:

-          You need to be registered as a full-time student at MUBS in one of its offered Master’s programs.

If you are still at the undergraduate level, you will be nominated with the condition of passing.


You have the following steps in order to apply for an Erasmus + mobility:

1.      Check announcements for new calls for application

The Erasmus + scholarships are divided according to the University offering the mobility. These would differ from one university to another. Check the list of projects to find which ones you are interested in. These are usually promoted on the University’s website, Facebook page and on bulletin boards across all campuses.

2- Have a look at the project’s websites

On the link provided with each mobility call, you can find information on which subjects and academic fields, requirements for applying for the scholarship and of other information on the host universities. Once you have selected the mobility of your choice, it is time to start the application process.


3- Proceed with the application process

Every project/university has its own form of application (usually available on the project’s website). Download the application, fill it in and prepare all required documents.


4- It’s time to apply!

Once you have completed the application form and prepared all required documents, you can submit your applications. It’s always preferable to coordinate with the Erasmus coordinator at MUBS before submitting your file for review. It usually takes few months before results are published and communicated to applicants.


If you still need help with your application, you can always turn to the Office of International Affairs:


Skype: latifa.attieh

Phone: +961 5 601801 ext. 235

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