Ayoub Amaneddine

Ayoub Amaneddine – Damour student (Sep 2014)

Major: Computer Science

10 month BA mobility in Wrocaw University of Technology-Poland

It’s not only about Europe. It’s about a lifetime experience and a cultural interaction. Those 10 months were the best in my life. I met new people from different countries, even people from countries I never heard of in my life.  Erasmus is a great opportunity for one to test his self-confidence and his ability to interact with people from different societies and cultures and even different mentalities. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen your language and to be introduced to totally new languages. On the other hand it’s not only about you meeting new cultures, it’s also about getting other people to know your culture, your language, your society and your country. 

On the educational level, you can feel the difference in the educational strategies between your home and your host university. It’s a challenge. In your home university you have the opportunity to have your courses conducted in your mother language while during Erasmus you have to understand and study using foreign languages.

Finally, I can say that Erasmus was the event of my lifetime.  “.

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