About OIA

About OIA

MUBS office of International Affairs (OIA) was established in 2006 with the support of the University of Alicante in Spain within the framework of the Bird (Benchmarking International Relations Offices for Development) Tempus project. Then in 2011, the OIA structure was developed and the know-how and management capacities of its staff were developed within the framework of the Ties (Towards an Internationalization of Higher Education Network for the Meda Region) Tempus project (www.ties-project.eu) coordinated by the university of Alicante.

The office of International Affairs (OIA) is MUBS’s main point in coordinating international relationships. Its primary functions, in this context, include enhancing student/faculty mobility, advocating curriculum internationalization, improving MUBS international presence and capacity on campus, and promoting international projects and activities.

OIA main responsibility is the promotion of MUBS’s internationalization process. To achieve this, OIA works with the different faculties at MUBS and empowers students/faculty/staff for the coordination, development, and promotion of a broad array of international projects and programs.

In 2014, an internationalization management model was developed within the framework of the “Modernization of Institutional Management of Internationalization in South Neighboring Countries (MIMI) Tempus project coordinated by the University of Barcelona (Spain)

This internationalization management model provided appropriate knowledge and means to improve internationalization actions that contribute to the sustainability of the international dimensions at MUBS.

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