T-Meda Tempus project Update

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T-Meda Tempus project Update

Dr. Bassem Kaissi and Dr. Samer Hamzeh represented MUBS in the T-Meda Tempus project fifth general meeting held in Bilbao, Spain on May 23-26, 2016.

T-Meda project is aimed at the implementation of the Bologna tools in Southern Neighboring Area universities through building a framework for comparable, compatible, and transparent programs of study.

The meeting started with an international forum entitled " policy, research, and practice in higher education". The forum served as a platform for participants to share their experiences and to discuss the current strategies and future trends for the modernization of higher education in the Middle East and North Africa.

T-Meda project partners discussed afterwards the programs based on the survey results and QA peer review. On the last day of the meeting, the project results, sustainability and future development were discussed.

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