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  • Curriculum Planning and Design

    supervised by Dr. Racha Khansa

    A group of MUBS Education students completed a research project analyzing and evaluating the Lebanese Elementary School curriculum and performs a comparative study in relation to international curricula. The group proposes several adjustments to the Lebanese Mathematics, English, and Science books, and highlights various aspects of the Lebanese educational system. For further details, please contact Dr. Racha Khansa (

  • Emergency Room Nurses’ Lived Experiences Dealing with Cases of Domestic Violence in Lebanon.


    Females are facing domestic violence everywhere in the world. This social issue is likely affecting every individual directly or indirectly at some point in their lifetime. Therefore, research is needed to examine the attitudes and perceptions of metal health professional especially nurses toward victims of abuse. This qualitative research examined the emergency room nurses' phenomenological experiences with cases of domestic violence, involving their views, effort, growth, and requests. Eleven interviews were conducted with nurses from the emergency room of the AUBMC. The interviews were semi-structured and lasted around one hour each. The audio-taped interview data was translated and examined using Weft QDA software. Results indicated that policies and actions are either not in place or are not developed to direct care of women who have experienced abuse. Referral o f victims were frequently omitted, even though referral is a serious involvement. Nursing educational programs need to provide enough coverage of domestic violence. In addition, the researcher identified several factors that might have led to overlooking the assessment of domestic violence in some cases.

  • Teachers’ Perceptions toward School Counselors in Selected Private Schools in Lebanon


    The purpose of the current study is to investigate teachers' perceptions toward school counselors in Lebanon. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 100 teachers from 13 private schools in Lebanon. The interview questions were adapted from Amatea and Clark (2004), and Beesley (2005), who interviewed teachers concerning their perceptions toward counselors in their schools. The interviews were analyzed mainly using descriptive qualitative grounded theory in order to identify how teachers perceive counselors and the various rationales behind their perceptions. The sampled teachers held varied perceptions, some negative and some positive, depending on their personal experiences with counseling.

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