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Since October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) at MUBS led an event entitled “Breast Cancer” on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 to spread and raise awareness about Breast Cancer and its prevention. The event was part of the “Science in the Community” Seminar Series held by SHS every year.

As the audience entered the Theater Room at the Damour Campus, they were greeted with pink ribbons prepared by students at SHS in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The audience, exceeding 80 members, consisted of faculty, staff and students of Public Health, Nutrition, and Optometry and Vision Science, from all Campuses at MUBS.
The event was inaugurated by Dr. Nisreen Alwan, the Acting Dean of SHS, who welcomed the audience to the first seminar for this academic year and introduced the speakers.
Dr. Elie Salem, a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the Lebanese University, shed light on Breast Cancer, its causes, symptoms and prevention. He recommended that women should start screening for Breast Cancer at the age of 40. According to Dr. Salem, young Breast Cancer patients tend to have more aggressive tumors.
Mrs. Razane Diab, a colleague at SHS and a Public Health Professional, presented the importance of knowledge, attitude and practice of breast self-examinations for both men and women. She mentioned in her talk the various steps that should be followed in a breast self-exam.
The Radiological Technologist, Mr. Nuhad Salman, gave a brief discussion on the diagnostic procedures used to detect Breast Cancer such as Mammography. He added that women should regularly examine their breasts as early detection increases the chances of recovery.
The talks were concluded by Ms. Gina Abbas, a Clinical and Food Science Dietitian, who presented informative tidbits on healthy food to decrease the possibility of Breast Cancer. She emphasized that decreased physical activity and obesity increase the risk of Breast Cancer.
The event ended with a draw for prizes from Gina’s Diet Clinic (Darayya) and 4D Diagnostic Center (Aley). Five people from the audience were offered free breast ultrasounds and ten students were offered free nutrition consultations.

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