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Within the framework of the Building Capacity in University Management (BUCUM) Tempus Project, Dr. Nisreen Alwan, the Acting Dean of the School of Health Sciences at MUBS attended a short course on “Research Strategies and Doctoral Education”. The short course took place in Alexandria, Egypt from February 25th till 26th, 2015. It was offered by the Deputy Rector for International Mobility at Sapienza University, Prof. Luciano Saso.

The course opened with an introduction to scientific methodology and communication.  Professor Saso has stressed on the importance of internationalization and how it can increase the quality of education, research and management. This can be achieved by the implementation of benchmarking, development of policies, strategies and partnerships, creation of an excellent learning and research environment by favoring exchanges of knowledge and expertise. This is in addition to attracting good students, faculty and scientists, career development of administrative staff, and collaborative mobility, education and research projects (Erasmus +, Horizon 2020, etc.). 

The second part of the course has dealt with the various skills to be followed in research strategies. This can be accomplished by gathering ideas using different resources: books, reviews, original articles, electronic resources and databases (PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, etc.), scientific social networks (Research Gate, Academia, etc.), conferences, laboratory meetings, and journal clubs. This is in addition to choosing a unique and original idea, designing a well-structured research plan for it, and finding a suitable funding source. The course draws attention to the importance of the quality and quantity of scientific output via the evaluation of the performance of researchers based on the number of publications, their impact factors, h-index, fund raising, etc.

The last part of the course was concluded by some tips on innovative doctoral education and training (attractive institutional environment, research excellence, quality assurance, international networking, and transferrable skills training). All attendees were then divided into two groups and worked on designing a university research strategic plan based on SWOT analysis.

This course evaluates and concludes the importance of having a strategic research plan in academic and research institutions.




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