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PhD in Polymer Chemistry, University of Toulon-Sud Var, France.

M.Sc. in Molecular Engineering and Functional Materials, University of Maine, Le Mans, France.

B.Sc. in Biochemistry-Chemistry, University of Maine, Le Mans, France.


Publication:  Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.

Topic:  Polymer Sciences.

Journal Published in:  Springer Link;


Please tell us more about the significance of your new paper.

The paper is the first that comes out in a scientific, peer-reviewed European journal from MUBS. In it, I characterized with my colleagues in Europe a new protocol to identify and characterize molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) that were obtained using two anti-cancerous template molecules. Our new methodology will increase our knowledge in the field of MIPs and allow for the characterization of new substances that can benefit our search for new therapeutic agents in the future.


We are aware of the activities of the Research Office at MUBS. What is the significance of the Office in supporting research?

The Research Office is crucial for our work as researchers at MUBS. The research enterprise is a vital aspect of the university in the modern era. Without proper institutional support, it would not be possible to accomplish success in a highly competitive field like Biochemical research. The Rsesearch Office is therefore primarily responsible for implementing the university’ strategies and supporting active researchers in their initiatives. The Office exposes researchers to funding sources, collaboration opportunities, and offers grant money for professional development and travel.


Are students involved in research and to what extent?

As a new School at MUBS, were are currently limited to teaching undergraduate students. But we are aware of the importance of involving our students in the research projects. Most of our work at SHS is student-centered, taking the benefit of the students into consideration. We are trying to integrate our research into our course work in order to promote undergraduate research within the faculty. We also hope that our senior students will benefit mostly from this plan, as they have the strong knowledge base that will provide them the skill set to contribute to research.


How do you see the development of the Research Office at MUBS?

The RO is growing rapidly thanks to a dedicated and professional team of researchers. We have developed short term and long term goals that are both innovative and dynamic. These strategies will be announced in due time by the end of the academic year, but the results of the previous year are starting to show, and one of those successes is the first publication that came out from SHS at MUBS.

What are the latest and upcoming plans at the office?

There are numerous plans at the office that is led the VP for Research Dr. Nael Alami, and Assistant VP for Research Mrs. Razan Diab. These plans include the announcement of a dedicated budget at MUBS for travel and professional development grants, new collaborations with San Jose State, Stanford, and Georgetown universities, formation of a new taskforce that oversees the dissemination of new incentives for faculty, and a student-led research project that involves our students in our program. These and other initiatives will be announced throughout the course of the coming semester.

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