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MUBS deals with quality assurance as a developmental and continuous process which does not have an endpoint In addition to overseeing the institutional self- evaluation (critical self-assessment) process which incorporates feedback from individuals external to the institution in a planned program of reviews; MUBS Quality Assurance office was created to advise the University in matters and processes related to the enhancement of Quality Assurance and its main objectives include:

  • Developing a system to monitor and review the effectiveness of the university’s quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • Enhancing student learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Supporting staff development and appraisal.
  • Promoting research and publication by staff.
  • Establishing instruments for the planning and streamlining of University programs (setting benchmarks).
  • Validating and approving new programs of study through the academic board.
  • Advising and assisting academic and service units in carrying out self-assessment procedures.
  • Managing responses to the requirements of the Lebanese Ministry of Education & Higher Education and to external quality agencies.
  • Ensuring the effective implementation of university systems for the comparability of the standards of programs of study - with reference to standards across and within disciplines.
  • Creating a quality assurance culture in the university that is dynamic, proactive, forward-looking, and responsive to national/international developments.
  • Preparing the university for institutional/programs accreditation requirements.

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